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Demon England X Reader X Demon America Ch. 12
Arthur glared at you, while Alfred frowned intensely at your statement. You were absolutely beautiful, why did you think otherwise?  The brothers were now equally mad, and confused at you for having the audacity to say that. You stabbed lazily at the food in front of you with your knife, not wanting to see the accusing looks you knew they both held.
"Well, (Name) I'm afraid who ever told you that was completely out of their fucking mind."
Your head snapped up to look at Alfred, who was grinning like an idiot at you. He stood from his chair, and made his way towards you. You nearly flinch as he sat his hand on your head, and messed up your hair playfully.
"Demons don't fall for a person with ordinary looks or an ordinary soul, just keep that in mind love."
Arthur laid a hand on your opposite shoulder as he walked passed you, letting his fingers glide against you bare arm as his hand slipped away. Alfred followed close behind his brother as he evacuated the room. You crushing weight
:iconmm101199:mm101199 5 2
Mature content
Demon England X Reader X Demon America Ch. 11 :iconmm101199:mm101199 2 2
Gilbert (A.K.A Prussia) by mm101199 Gilbert (A.K.A Prussia) :iconmm101199:mm101199 0 0 Aria by mm101199 Aria :iconmm101199:mm101199 0 0
Friends and family
You're all very dear to me.
But I think it's funny,
How none of you know the true me.
I put up a front,
But none of you seem to notice.
I wish you did though,
So you would know,
That I'm slowly fading away....
:iconmm101199:mm101199 1 0
I will chase it
The rain stops and the sun shines,
Doom and gloom changes to happiness,
People smile as a rainbow glows proud.
She wouldn't want us to be sad.
I smile at the thought,
She told me to chase it,
I will, but only for ger,
Because I want to make her proud.
:iconmm101199:mm101199 1 0
Watching you walk away, eyes red, nose puffy,
Sarrow seeping through to your soul.
You don't look back when I call your name,
I feel as if you can't see me.
You're clad in black, dark as night.
A shadow covers my path from behind,
I turn to see a hooded figure, wielding a scythe.
And realization hits me full force,
I'm sitting on Death's doorstep.....
:iconmm101199:mm101199 1 0
LOVE doesn't MEan a THing unLESe you wAnt it to so at least MakE it seem real and in the end it's all an illusion.
:iconmm101199:mm101199 0 0
Paige by mm101199 Paige :iconmm101199:mm101199 1 0
Demo England Reader X Demon America Ch.10
You trailed behind Alfred helplessly as he dragged you by the arm. Your annoyance quickly escalated, seeing as you didn't,t like to run unless completely necessary.
"Dammit Alfred! What the Hell!" You demanded angrily, yanking back on your arm, causing the poor man to fall flat on his ass.
Arthur now came skidding around the corner, a creepy look on his face.
"Love, would you like to try a scone?"
Alfred latched onto your waist, with a suffocating grip, "please don't do it! You're gonna DIE!!" He wailed, exaggerated tears streaming down his face.
You rolled your eyes, and snatched a scone, about to take a bite....
:iconmm101199:mm101199 3 1
chibi 2P!England: Colored and  Uncolored Versions by mm101199 chibi 2P!England: Colored and Uncolored Versions :iconmm101199:mm101199 0 0
I wish the night away,
That’s a most un-owlish thought I’d say,
For who knew a creature of the night,
Could become one,
of the light.
:iconmm101199:mm101199 0 0
Mature content
Ablaze :iconmm101199:mm101199 1 1
Mature content
Demon England X Reader X Demon America Ch. 9 :iconmm101199:mm101199 7 2
Mature content
Battlefield (2P!Canada x Reader) :iconmm101199:mm101199 47 35
Mature content
Learning a Foreign Language (Prussia x Reader) :iconmm101199:mm101199 19 8


Senji x Reader:Pudding
You awoke to a knock on the door, looking at the time, you angrily mumbled "Fucking waking me up at 6:00AM, are they looking for an ass-beating for fucks sake?" You opened the door to see Tamaki with that usual creepy ass smile plastered across his face "What the fuck do you want, Tamaki?" he replied "Now, now ____ if you get pissy with me I'll throw you in with Hummingbird." "What the fuck are you talking about?" "I'm afraid you're going to have to move to a different room, and there are no rooms free, so you'll have to pair up with another Deadman, my dear Cassowary." you clenched your fists "WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY CAN'T THEY PAIR UP?! WHAT THE FUCK IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT THEM?!" Tamaki's smile faded, and his eyes opened slightly as he replied calmly "Now, ____ you're going to shut the fuck up and start packing, you fucking got it?" you stepped back a little, Tamaki was never like this, it scared you a little, but you shrugged it off. "Fine, Tamaki."
You put on a long-sleeved knee-length b
:iconkillernyan:KillerNyan 63 10
Canada x Reader Butterfly Kisses
    You quickly threw on some clothes and ran down the stairs of your house having just woke up from a nap you found yourself late to a study date with your best friend Matthew. You were having trouble in math and since Matthew was a straight A student the two of you set up a study date at his house, unfortunately the two of you were only friends much to your disappointment.
As you fumbled to get your shoes on as you left the door you ran to your Canadian friends house which luckily was only down the street. Upon reaching Matthew's door you took a few seconds to catch your breath and make yourself look presentable before lightly knocking on his door. A few seconds later the door opened to reveal the handsome Canadian you knew and loved so much.
"Oh! (f/n) your here". Matthew said, voice just above a whisper.
"Sorry I'm late Mattie I took a nap and slept in".
"It's fine (f/n) you're not that late" Matthew said blushing from the nickname and stepping aside to let you inside. On
:iconcandymomo900:candymomo900 152 14
America x Reader Cuddle Buddies
    You quickly ran up the steps of your house smiling like a madman. You and your best friend Alfred have been planning a sleepover for the past week and today was the day it was going to happen. You and Alfred have been friends for what seems like forever, the two of you met at a world meeting and became best friends almost automatically.
As you reached the door that lead to your room you threw it open and grabbed your night bag filling it with the things you would need. After packing you went to the bathroom and took an quick shower. When you finally got out of the shower you changed into your night clothes and did your hair. Almost automatically after you heard a car horn outside your house.
grabbing your bag you raced out of your house and into your American friends car.
"Alfie!" you yelled reaching over and glomping him.
Alfred laughed and cheerfully said "come on lets hurry and get to my house".
During the ride to his house you couldn't help but steal small glances at
:iconcandymomo900:candymomo900 310 56
Purssia x Chubby!Reader ~So Dramatic~
"(Y/n).. Give me Gilbird." Gilbert said sternly as he cornered you in a corner (See what I did there? xD)
"No!" You said cradling the little yellow said bird in your hand.
Everytime you came over to Gilbert's house you and Gilbird would be having the time of your life. With Gilbert being left out.
"(Y/n)... (Y/n) girl.. Give ze awesome me... my bird."
"NO! He's so cute!"
"But I thought I vas cute?" Gilbert said pouting and a little heartbroken a little.
"Well he's much cuter!" You said while cuddling with the little bird. Gilbird chirped in agreement and few on top of your head getting comfy.
Squealing loudly in adorableness, you could help but feel loved when you were with the little bird. "ANd not only that he's soo awesome!" You said finally.
Gilbert... Was officially heartbroken.
"(Y-Y/n)..." Gilbert whimpered. He knew that he was to awesome for tears, but when you told him that Gilbird, Gilbert's little pet bi
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 100 51
Awesome Trio x Chubby!Reader ~Put it THERE~
Random Time with the Awesome Trio!
"Ok.. Ready (y/n)?" Matthias asked as he setted out what you both needed.
"Totally! Ok..So I go first...My hand goes here..Your hand goes over there." You instructed.  
"No... I think my hand should go there first (y/n).."
"Ahaha, NO, my hand goes there it fits better, yours go here.. And move your leg there.."
"No.. There.."
"NO.. Over there."
"So right here then?"
"Damnit Matthias.. Put it over there!" You said a little annoyed.
"Well if I get any further away I might fall." Matthias whined
"You're not going to fall Matthias.." You groaned
"Easy for you to say! Your taking up all of the comfy spaces here.."
"Well to bad Princess, deal with it.. Now put it over there."
There was a pause...
"Are you sure it's not here?"
"Oh my glob, NO! PUT IT OVER THERE!" You exclaimed at him.
~Meanwhile downstairs~
Alfred and Gilbert where watching TV minding their own business until they heard loud thumping and curse wor
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 175 38
Nordics x Fluffy!Reader ~What a Viking woman~
~In this story you have 2 brothers (Nick the oldest, and Nikola your second oldest brother), an uncle and father in the setting and also 2 more uncles that came to visit you in the event (The Nordics and your family are close friends)~
the doorbell ring
 "NICK, GO OPEN THE DOORS FOR YOUR UNCLES WILL YA?" Your father yelled as he was cleaning some leftover dishes your second oldest brother forgot to clean up last night, "Sure thing dad." Nick yelled as he jogged on over to the door, upon opening the door there was (Uncle 1, 2/n) Standing at the door with some other people along with them. "Hey, what's up (Uncle 1, 2/n) who are your friends?" He asked as he stepped aside for them to all come inside. "Oh these guys are just friends of ours that always come to our family gatherings remember?" (Uncle 2) said as he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen. "Oh yeah, Hey Emil, Lukas, Berwald, and Mathias right?" Nick asked
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 339 47
Levi x Chubby Reader

Title: To Hard…
Readers POV
I rose out of bed at 6:00 am as usual. Also as usual in the dorms of the Scouting Legion no one was up but as a squadron leader and the 2nd highest rank next to Levi Ackerman it meant getting paperwork done and making sure everything was in order before breakfast. I could of got up at the normal time as the cadets and other squadron leaders but I still don’t want to stay up so late with the paperwork. But with talking about Levi I might go and say good morning to him. Slipping on my clothes and gear I head to his room.
“Good morning Lance Corporal Levi.” He quickly glanced at me then going back to the stack of paperwork already delivered to his desk muttering a good morning to me to and telling me to drop the formalities while I am with him. You see Levi and I are best friends. Me, (Name) would go as far as saying I have a crush on him. Even if he was shorter then
:iconladytudor:LadyTudor 232 42
Eren x Reader { Bad Dream }
You woke up in a cold sweat. Your eyes were wide, your breath ragged. You shook slightly.
You brushed a strand of hair that was stuck to your face out of the way. " [y/n]? What's wrong!"
You looked over at the person speaking. " just a bad dream.. Don't worry Eren I'm fine".
You brushed the covers off your body and stood up. " did you want to talk about it?" Eren said quietly while sitting up in your shared bed.
" I had a dream. That the titans came back..." Eren noticeably stiffened at the word .
He stood up and walked over to you.  " [y/n]. We killed all the titans 2 years ago. Remember? We got married and moved into a cabin next to the beach"
Eren wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close. " I had to basically beg you to live here remember?" He chuckled softly and rested his chin on the top of your head.
You wrapped your as around him. " they ate you. Right in front of me". Eren rubbed your back quietly.
You stood there for a few more seconds before Eren laughed.
" w-wha
:iconbookworm30000:bookworm30000 37 18
Eren x Reader {Teasing}
“ I absolutely hate cleaning “ you groaned as you scrubbed one of the old windows of the old Survey Cores, “ I’m pretty sure Captain Levi Wants me to drop dead in this humidity “ Eren sighed next to you as he scrubbed the floor.
“So I heard your sleeping in the basement” you teased as you tapped the boy next to you with your foot, “along with you [y/n] “he responds with his back still toward you. You giggled and turned to Eren having just finished cleaning the window “still cleaning the floor eh?” Eren stops and turns toward you questionably “why do you keep attacking me?” you laughed cockily and walked to the wall to grab a mop to help clean the floor “don’t flatter yourself”.
You sunk the mop into a bucket of soapy water and started scrubbing the ground when you felt like someone was staring at you. Instead of shaking it off you quickly turned around and rested an arm on your head and the
:iconbookworm30000:bookworm30000 143 34
Eren x Reader You're So Cute
      "Damn him" you mutter under your breath as you grumpily stomp down the hallway toward your destination, cleaning supplies in hand. You were given the unfortunate job of cleaning the library by none other than Lance Corporal Levi, and there was no way that he was going to let you leave till the room was perfectly spotless. As you continued down the seemingly long corridor muttering unpleasant words under your breath you finally came to a halt in front of your destination. Opening the door that lead to the library your anger almost instantaneously vanished as your (e/c) eyes met the soft and calming face of Eren Jaeger.
"Eren? What are you doing here?" you question causing the turquoise eyed boy to cast his gaze towards you.
"Oh (f/n) I got stuck cleaning the library".
"You too huh" you said while silently thanking Levi. Stepping inside the library you set your cleaning supplies down and started dusting off the shelves along with books while Eren swept the floor. Whi
:iconcandymomo900:candymomo900 636 137
Denmark x Reader Mischievous Duo
You were at the Nordic house and you and your best friend Mathias decided to play a prank on none other than Lukas. As you hid with Mathias behind the couch you couldn't help but feel bad for the Norwegian man, Lukas was always so kind to you and acted like he was a older brother to you, and here you were about to pull a cruel prank on him. 'Meh I'm sure he'll get over it....Eventually' you thought to yourself.
"Do you want to do the honors or shall I?" Mathias questioned with a mischievous smirk on his face.
"I'll do it". You said grabbing the bottle of salt and honey out of the Danes hands. Lukas was sleeping peacefully unaware of what was going to happen to him on the couch, And as you silently stood from your hiding spot behind the couch you poured the honey slowly on his face causing Lukas to rub his face smearing it further. Luckily it didn't wake him and you continued your work.
As you finished pouring the honey on Lukas's face you moved to his hair, pouring a large amount of ho
:iconcandymomo900:candymomo900 168 17
Iceland x Reader Can I Kiss You?
    It was early winter and the usually lively town was now abandoned, the sky was a groggy grey and you could feel the wind nipping at every exposed part of your body. You and Emil were walking slowly down the abandoned street not saying a word. The only sounds that occupied your ears were the two pairs of feet slapping against the cobblestone sidewalk. Occasionally one of you would break the silence and engage into a short conversation only to shortly return to silence and continuing down the street.
You and Emil were out shopping together and were now on your way back to the Nordics house. You have been good friends with the all the Nordics for a long time but out of all the Nordics you and Emil had the closest friendship. As you started getting lost in thought you felt something wet land on your nose and you looked up into the sky.
"Look Emil the first snowfall of the season". You said pointing up at the sky glancing at your handsome Icelandic friend. Emil in return follo
:iconcandymomo900:candymomo900 442 216
Hikaru x Chunky Reader
Readers POV:
It was so cold outside. Well what to expect its winter and it’s snowing. (In the intro I never said the season.) You are first year (First Name) (Last Name). Right now you were talking to Haruhi about one of the members having a supposed ‘crush’ on you.
“It’s Hikaru.” Hikaru, the more devilish twin? He likes you? 
“That’s not possible how could he like me.” You were blushing and continued doing the dishes.
“I don’t know why but he told me that he likes you A LOT.”
“Well I like him too but don’t tell him ok?” You hand her the drinks and push her out.
…Time Skip…
Club time was over. You just finished up the dishes and went outside to through out the trash. When you went back in you saw Tamaki down the hall by the room leaving the Host Club saying he would be back in a minute. You walked to the door and entered but there
:iconladytudor:LadyTudor 180 29
TamakiX!Chunky Reader- Fresh Start Ch.1
‘So, this is where the filthy rich snobs go….great.’
“(Your name), snap out of it already.” You blinked your (eye color) orbs and looked back up at Haruhi who had a slight frown on her face.
“I know you don’t like it here already, but give Ouran a chance and besides I’m here for you along with the Host Club.” She flashed you a smile as you slightly smiled back laughing a bit.
“I will for you Haruhi and what’s the Host Club?” The two of you continued to walk the halls of the gorgeous school, even though you’d never admit that.
“It’s where the ladies of the school come and spend some time at drinking tea or eating sweets while the guys entertain them.”
“So that’s what you’ve been talking about in your email’s, is that why you wear the boys uniform?” Haruhi nodded as she hung her head a bit.
“I still can’t believe the bimbo’s here haven
:iconbonkers-4-hatter:bonkers-4-hatter 277 41
Kaoru x Chubby Reader
Readers POV
I was walking down the hall to my classroom. I am first year student (F/n) (L/n) I am apart of the decorating committee for certain events we do. Right now we were preparing for Halloween. I sat down in my normal chair jotting down some ideas for this year’s theme. Then I heard voices of protest coming into the room. I looked up and saw the twins dragging Haruhi in the room. When I looked at Kaoru I blushed. Yes I knew the difference between the twins and I thought Kaoru had a better personality than Hikaru’s. You were good friends with the trio and the Host Club. Well actually Haruhi is your cousin and you decided to go here. You were a commoner and got a scholarship just like her. Then Haruhi came over and sat by you.
“Hey (Name) how are you doing?”
“I’m fine and yourself?”
“Alright I just was not very happy about being dragged here.” You chuckled after she said that. You were a more serious
:iconladytudor:LadyTudor 113 9
Iceland x Reader: So This is Love
~So this is love, Mmmmmm
So this is love…..
So this is what makes life divine~
(y/n) smiled as she leaned against Emil’s shoulder. The two stared up at the auroras shimmering lights in the sky. Greens, pinks, yellows and blues drifted in waves across the heavens as you two watched.
“I’m glad you’re here with me (y/n)” Emil smiled as he handed you a strand of licorice. You two were bundled in coats and blankets, sitting on the back porch of the Nordic house, watching the auroras.
“This is so beautiful” you murmured as Emil wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer.
~I'm all aglow, Mmmmmm
And now I know
The key to all heaven is mine~
“I feel like I can reach up and grab them” you giggled
“If you do that, then I won’t get tourists!” Emil laughed
“I’ll still visit you” you smiled and bit onto the licorice.
“I know” Emil muttered
“I feel so happy when I’m with you
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 262 71




Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Call me Mads, or M&M or Cheza, take your pick.

I do requests for:
Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist
Ouran Highschool Host Club
Fruits Basket
Death Note
Highschool of the Dead
Black Cat
One Direction
Twilight (not favored but I'll do them)
Guardians of Ga'hoole
Rise of the Guardians
Adventure Time
The Amazing world of Gumball
And anything else you can think of as long as I know them.

Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Color(s): Purple, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, and Black
Favorite Anime: Hetalia
Favorite Anime Character(s): Prussia, America, Germany, and CANADA BECAUSE I REMEBER POOR MATHEW!!!!
Favorite Band(s): Evanescence, Shinedown, One Direction, Ozzy Ozborn, and Ed Sheeran.
Favorite Pass Time: Sleepin'
Favorite People: My friends and new four day old nephew who I love to Death.

There's me in a nutshell so there you go poppets! Have a nice day and never stop being yourself!
Okay, so those of you who are watching and waiting for me to update my Demon England X Reader X Demon America story, I have good news for you. I should have the next chapter up in about a week, or within two days, I'm working on it so don't judge me! I'm a very lazy america with to much time and no inspiration, with a slight case of writer's block. Those of you who are watching me, give me ideas for something to draw, it may not be beautiful but I'll put my heart and soul into it for you!


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